Cotton Spear

The Cotton Spear is designed to handle the round modules made by John Deere's 7760 Cotton Picker.

The Cotton Spear was designed by growers who wanted a simple and fast way to move modules, and not have a large investment in the handler.

There are no moving parts, and is designed to pick up the round bale with less stalks than other handlers.Faster, easier operation. No wrap damage. No moving parts.

Priced thousands below any other round module handler.


The spears are made of special heat-treated and tempered alloy steel. The spears arrangement, size, and yield strength are key to the units ability to penetrate the cotton and still be strong enough to carry the round module through tough field conditions. The spears are removable for easy shipping or storage during the off-season.The Cotton Spear does not remove or deform any cotton in the round bale. There is no chance of damaging the wrap since the unit does not touch the outside of the module at all. Handling the round bale from the inside also eliminates stalks being pinned under the module and being transported to the gin.

KBH | Cotton Spear Pickup

Operation is simple

Get relatively straight with one of the open cotton ends of the module. Let the tractor hitch all the way down. Back the tractor at 1-3 mph until the spear frame bumps the module. Then lift the hitch. It will not hurt the module if you slide it a few feet during this process.Since the Cotton Spear is designed to penetrate the bale when the tractor hitch is all the way down the ground clearance when the module is lifted is maximized.

Staging the round bale for module trucks to pick up is just as fast. Line up the bale, slowly backup until the modules touch, pull forward 4-8 inches, drop the hitch all the way down and pull away. There is no resistance on the cotton spears when the tractor pulls away. The round module does not roll as much with the Cotton Spear as with other handlers so there will be less time spent keeping the modules straight for the trucks to pick up.

Patent pending # 13033601

Cotton Spear on Caterpillar Front End Loader

Cotton Spear Front End Loader